Charcoal + Clay 2X Whitening Daily Face Wash
With the power of two excellent ingredients for cleaning and whitening skin, Elmore 2x face wash with Activated Charcoal and Mineral Clay is a gentle and effective daily use face wash for people exposed to harsh environment.
Herbal Purifying Daily Face Wash
The time proven qualities of Herbs for skin care is harnessed in Elmore’s Herbal range of face washes. With the effective purifying and soothing qualities of natural ‘Neem’ extract Elmore’s Herbal Soothing face wash is best suited for those who...
Oil Control Cooling Daily Face Wash
Oil control is the key to preventing formation of whiteheads and blackheads on the skin. Elmore’s Refreshing face wash gives effective oil control and leaves a refreshingly cool feeling after use.
Clarifying Whitening Daily Face Wash
Brighten your skin in a matter of minutes with the power of natural bearberry extract and vitamin C with Elmore Whitening Face Wash. Its unique formula gives you clear and radiant skin from first use, by removing dirt and other...
Lemon Fairness Daily Face Wash
The legendary cleansing and whitening power of Lemon Extract is harnessed in Elmore Fairness Daily Face Wash with Lemon Extract. Lemon removes impurities from pores and vitamin C lightens the skin, making it glow from first use.
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