About Us

Our story

Elmore Beauty

Found in 1998, Elmore Beauty is one of the most trusted brands in the skin, body, and health care segment. Our products include a selection of skin creams, body lotions, face washes, hair removal creams, hair bleaches, and sanitizers.

Incorporated with Evan & Mayer Inc., USA, with our roots in the United States of America, Middle East, and Asia. Elmore Beauty is inspired by the industry leaders.

The inspiration led to the formation of an experienced team that conducted extensive research to develop a wide category of fast-moving products with a significant number of varieties in multiple categories to cater to all of our customer segments – Elmore Beauty aspires to be the leader of tomorrow inspired by the leaders of today.

With 100% halal manufacturing processes, investments in research, and development using the best products from Europe and USA, we at Elmore Beauty go above and beyond standard levels to ensure complete satisfaction of our stakeholders providing unmatched, and excellent products to our valued customers.

Quality Assurance

Producing the highest quality products

Our products undergo extensive Research and Development and are formulated after rigorous testing of finest American & European ingredients.

Our Manufacturing facilities are cGMP (Cosmetic Goods Manufacturing Practices) Compliant, Most of our products are 100% Halal Certified, and we adhere to strict regulations to assure Strength, Quality, and Purity of our Products.

Elmore's Vision

To be the Brand of Choice in Skin Care to our ever growing global clientele.

No Animal Testing

We DO NOT test on animals and all testing is done through approved in-vivo and in-vitro methods whilst following a regulated protocol.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Along with Eco-Friendly practices, we strive to employ Bio-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Ingredients, focusing on the inherent goodness that Natural Ingredients have to offer.